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• Chnumdiener des Königsschmucks german translation
• - english translation missing
• epitheton_title: title part of speech
• 859715 lemma id
• Edel, ZÄS 87, 1962, 102 f. bibliographical information

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di̯(.w) sr.pl r ꜥḥꜥ,w.pl=sn //[6]// nḏ(.w) n=j jꜣw,t m-bꜣḥ=sn m (j)m(,j)-ḫnt ḥr,j-{n}〈s〉štꜣ ḥm-nṯr-n-šmꜥ,w-sj-mḥ,w-sj //[7]// ḥm-H̱nm,w-n-ẖkr,t-nswt mss wr.t-ḥkꜣ,pl twꜣ ḥḏ,t m pr-wr ḥr,j-tp-Nḫb ḥm-n.t-m-pr-nw //[8]// dmḏ.w n=f ꜥ rḫ,t zꜣi̯ jwi̯.t=f m ḏbꜣ,w m //[9]// sḫꜥ.t Ḥr,w nb-ꜥḥ mnꜥ,t nṯr m wꜥꜥ.w di̯=f jr,t n pri̯.n=s jm=f ḫrp-Zꜣw //[10]// m sšm štꜣ nb snḏ m ḥw,t.pl-n.t smr-ꜥꜣ m ḥw,t-nbw msi̯.tw nṯr m nhp,w
When officials were placed to their positions, an office was given to me in their presence as chamberlain, guardian of the secret, priest of the White and the Red crowns, servant of Khnum of the king's ornament, one who fashions the Great of Magic, who lifts the White crown in Per-wer, chief of El-Kab, servant of the Red crown in Per-nu, one to whom the hand of the wise one is united, whose arrival is awaited at the coronation and the appearance of Horus, Lord of the palace, nurse of the god in privacy, when he gives the Eye to one from whom it comes, leader of Sais in secret affairs, lord of fear in the mansions of the Red Crown, great companion in the Mansion of Gold, when the god is born at sunrise.
sawlit:Stele des Semti (BM EA 574)//〈Stele des Semti (BM EA 574)〉: [5]
IBUBdWosNmziLUOBiMIELodmaZI sentence id

 ḥm-H̱nm.w-n-ẖkr.t-nswt in following corpora

 Best collocation partners

  1. ḥm-nṯr-n-šmꜥ.w-sj-mḥ.w-sj, "Priester der Ober- und Unterägyptischen Krone" | "God's-servant of the White and Red Crowns"
  2. ḥm-n.t-m-Pr-nw, "Diener der Roten Krone in Per-nu" | "servant of the Red Crown in the shrine of Lower Egypt"
  3. rḫ.t, "die Wissende" | ""

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W9-E11-U36-N35-M23-X1-U36: 1 times


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