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• königlicher Leiter german translation
• royal controller english translation
• epitheton_title: title part of speech
• 861107 lemma id
• Ward, Titles, no. 1153 bibliographical information

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[...] //[4]// (j)r(,j)-pꜥ(,t) ḥꜣ,tj-ꜥ ḫtm,tj-bj,tj smr-wꜥ,tj wr-n-nswt-ꜥꜣ-n-bj,tj ḥr(,j)-sštꜣ-n-sḏm,t-wꜥ wr-m-jꜣw,t≡f ꜥꜣ-m-sꜥḥ≡f sr-m-ḥꜣ,t-rḫy,t //[5]// ⸮šps? [...] jm,j-jb-Ḥr nb-ꜥḥ mḏd wꜣ,t n.t smnḫ sw sḥꜣi̯.n rʾ-ꜥ,du=f //[6]// mnḫ=f rḏi̯.n nb-tꜣ,du fꜣ,w=f mḥ-jb n(,j) nswt m dꜣjr //[7]// ḫn pr-ꜥ m mr(w),t nb=f smnḫ.n mr(w),t=f s,t=f jrr ḥss.t //[8]// ḥsi̯ sw rʾ-Nḫn ḥm-nṯr-Mꜣꜥ,t wꜥ ḥr ḫw ⸮〈n〉? ⸮nsw? ḫrp-jꜣw,t-nb,t-nṯr,(j)t [...] ḫrp-nsw ⸮n? jꜣw.t nb.t nṯr,(j)t wr-jd(,t) m //[9]// ⸢pr-nswt⸣ (j)m(,j)-r(ʾ)-mnfꜣ,t (j)m(,j)-r(ʾ)-ḥwn,pl-nfr,w (j)m(,j)-rʾ-mšꜥ Rdj-⸮Sbk? ⸮〈zꜣ〉? Dd,w-Jni̯-jt≡f mn ⸢mr⸣(w),t //[10]// mri̯ ꜥnḫ ___-⸮nsw? ṯ(s)z,w nb n(,j) pẖr,t tm rḏi̯ jri̯.t(w) ⸮sk,w? [...] ks[w] [...] ks[m] [ḥr] ⸮ḥy,t? ḫmt-[⸮nw.t?] m mnn,w ⸮pn? ⸮(n)-n,tt? [...] n,tt ⸮[sḫ]m?=⸮s[n]?
Hereditary noble and local prince, royal seal-bearer and sole friend (of the king), great one of the king of Upper Egypt, magnate of the King of Lower Egypt, chief of secrets of what (only) one may hear, one great in his office, great in his dignity, an official at the fore of the people, a nobleman (?), a trusted one of Horus, Lord of the palace, loyal to the one who promoted him, one whose actions his efficiency revealed, whose magnificence the Lord of the Two Lands caused, a trusted one of the king in suppressing rebels, a hero in the love of his lord, one whose love advanced his position, who did what the one who praised him praised: speaker of Nekhen, priest of Maat, the only unique one 〈for〉 the king(?), royal (?) leader of every divine office, one great of incense in the [royal palace], overseer of infantry, overseer of recruits, the overseer of the army Deduantef, (son of) (?) Redisebek (?), one stable of love, who loves to live (?), [who ...] every commander of the frontier patrol, who does not allow battle/prosternation (?) to be made at the third gate (?) in the/this fortress because (?) they are powerful (?).
sawlit:Stele des Deduantef (BM EA 1177)//〈Stele des Deduantef (BM EA 1177)〉: [4]
IBUBdWoHEUonSEZCuJS6xPlGu6o sentence id

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  1. ḥr.j-sštꜣ-n-sḏm.t-wꜥ, "Geheimnishüter von dem, was nur einer hören darf" | "privy to the secret(s) of what one alone hears"
  2. Ḏḏ.w-Jni̯-jtj=f, "Dedu-Intef" | ""
  3. ꜥꜣ-m-sꜥḥ=f, "der groß in seiner Würde ist" | ""

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S37-S42-Z1: 1 times


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