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• Vorsteher german translation
• overseer english translation
• epitheton_title: title part of speech
• 25550 lemma id
• Wb 1, 74.13; Jones, Titles OK, no. 255 bibliographical information

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jnk mḥ-jb-n(,j)-nswt m ḥw,t-nṯr rʾ-Nḫn m pr Stj,t ⸢nḫb,y⸣ m pr-n[z]r ḥr,j-tp ḥm[,pl]-kꜣ ḫtm,w-bj,tj smr-wꜥ,tj ḥr,j-sštꜣ-n-nswt-m-mšꜥ //[4]// sḏm(.w) sḏm.t ⸮wꜥ? jwi̯ n=f tꜣ.du tm(.du) mn⸢mn⸣=f ḫ[f]t rmṯ.pl r s, sḫr.t ḫft, nswt ꜥq-⸢jb⸣ [n]swt [m]-w[ꜥ]ꜥ(,w) [ḥqꜣ.pl] [n.w] spꜣ,t[.pl] [...] ⸮[ḥr]? ⸮⸢pri̯.t⸣? //[5]// ḥr,j ḏbꜥ, jm,j-rʾ g(ꜣw), nb( rʾ-ꜥꜣ ḫꜣs, m ẖkr,t-nswt smj [n]=f jn, Mḏꜣ m bꜣ ḥqꜣ.pl [n.w] ḫꜣs, s[ḏ]r m-ẖn,w zḥ-nṯr hrw n(,j) ḥ(ꜣ)b ꜥꜣ šzp ḥnk, //[6]// m špss ḏḏ nswt m ꜥḥ ḥr(,j) ḥkn,w m dp,t-nṯr ḫft-ḥr nṯr ḥr,j bjꜣ,t nb(.t) ḥr mw bšt
I was a trusted one of the king in the temple, mouth of Nekhen in the temple of Satet, the Nekhbite in per-neser, chief of the ka-priests, Royal seal-bearer and sole friend (of the King), one over the secrets of the king in the army, who hears what only a single (man) may hear, to whom the entire land comes (lit. the complete two lands) when he proceeds in front of the people to the places where the enemies of the king are smitten, one who enters the heart of the king [in private, while the] nome [governors(?) ...], one who is over the sealings, overseer of all duties of the door of the foreign countries consisting of the ornament of the king, one to whom were reported the $jnw$-gifts of the Medja, consisting of the tribute of the rulers of the foreign countries, one who spends the night in the god's booth on the day of the great festival, one who received presents from the riches that the king gives out in the palace, chief of praise in the divine barge in front of the god, one who is over every marvel of the Nubians from the cataract area (lit. who are upon troublesome water).
sawlit:Grabfassade//Biographie〈 auf Türsturz und Türrahmen〉: [3]
IBUBd7QRs9Tb2UUSoCOVNqJdG5U sentence id
//[1.1]// Tꜣ-wr (j)m(,j)-rʾ //[1.2]// 〈〈(j)m(,j)-rʾ-〉〉mnn,ww sšm-tꜣ //[1.3]// 〈〈(j)m(,j)-rʾ-〉〉nswt,w 〈〈(j)m(,j)-rʾ-〉〉wpw,(w)t ḥqꜣ-ḥw,t-ꜥꜣ,t //[2.1]// Wꜣḏ,t (j)m(,j)-rʾ //[2.2]// 〈〈(j)m(,j)-rʾ-〉〉wpw,(w)t 〈〈(j)m(,j)-rʾ-〉〉mnn,ww //[2.3]// 〈〈(j)m(,j)-rʾ-〉〉nswt,w sšm-tꜣ ḥqꜣ-ḥw,t-ꜥꜣ,t //[3.1]// Ḥqꜣ-ꜥnḏ,w-jꜣb,j (j)m(,j)-rʾ //[3.2]// 〈〈(j)m(,j)-rʾ-〉〉rtḥ,w 〈〈(j)m(,j)-rʾ-〉〉z(m,w)t //[3.3]// 〈〈(j)m(,j)-rʾ-〉〉mnn,wpl-nswt (j)r(,j-j)ḫ(,t)-nswt Nfr-nswt
Thinitischer Gau (8. o.äg. Gau): Vorsteher (und zwar) 〈〈Vorsteher der〉〉 Festungen, Leiter des Landes, 〈〈Aufseher der〉〉 Königsleute, 〈〈Vorsteher der〉〉 Aufträge, Verwalter des großen Gutes; Wadjet (10. o.äg. Gau): Vorsteher (und zwar) 〈〈Vorsteher der〉〉 Aufträge, 〈〈Vorsteher der〉〉 Festungen, 〈〈Aufseher der〉〉 Königsleute, Leiter des Landes, Verwalter des großen Gutes; Östlicher Heqa-anedju-Gau: Vorsteher (und zwar) 〈〈Aufseher der〉〉 Sperren, 〈〈Vorsteher der〉〉 Wüstenregion, 〈〈Vorsteher der〉〉 Königsfestungen (und) Verwalter des Königsvermögens Nefer-nisut.
bbawgrabinschriften:Opferkammer//Signalements: [1.1]
IBUBdwNUGJJLAUyxkqJUFNaYcTQ sentence id
//K7// jw jr=s //K8// r ḫꜣ jmj-rʾ //Z10// jm=s
Sie (die Truppe) machte mehr als Tausend(?) (obwohl nur) ein Vorsteher mit ihr war.
bbawfelsinschriften:Hatnub Graffito 05//〈Hatnub Graffito 05〉: K7
IBUBd5UKre0s4kh5iSQaHMpKrv8 sentence id
ptr hꜣb=j šꜥ,t n //[92.E8]// (j)m(,j)-rʾ pr Jmn ḥm-nṯr Ḥr(,w)-j n pr H̱nm,w r=st
Seht - ich habe das Schreiben zum Vorsteher des Tempels des Amun und Priester des Tempel des Chnum, dem Hori diesbezüglich geschickt.
bbawbriefe:pCairo ESP//Document E: [91.E7]
IBUBd7LAWtrXRkbBnbCxk7R26V8 sentence id
//[2]// (j)m(,j)-rʾ ꜥnḫ(≡j)-m-ꜥ-kꜣ(≡j)
Der Vorsteher Anch-em-a-kai.
bbawgrabinschriften:Südwand//Ernteabrechnung: [2]
IBUBdQhXgdg3wkj4gIRQUXMQBF4 sentence id

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  1. jm.j-rʾ-sw.tjw, "Aufseher der Kolonisatoren" | ""
  2. jm.j-rʾ-mnn.ww, "Vorsteher der Festungen" | "overseer of the fortress"
  3. ḥqꜣ-ḥw.t-ꜥꜣ.t, "Verwalter des großen Gutes" | "manager of the great estate"

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