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• entity_name: person_name part of speech
• 400053 lemma id
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 Most relevant occurrences

//[4]// ꜥꜣ-n(,j)-tꜣ-r-ḏr=f ḫw-ꜥ //[5]// mr,y-nb=f //[6]// ḥz=f-mꜣꜥ-n-s,t-jb=f jrr mrr,t=f //[7]// hr,w nb Nsw-Mnṯw //[8]// jmꜣḫ,w-mꜣꜥ,w
Großer seines ganzen Landes, Schützer, Geliebter seines Herrn, sein wahrhaft Gelobter in dessen innersten Herzen, der tut das, was er jeden Tag will, Nes-Month, wahrhafter Versorgter.
smaek:Rückenplatte//Rückenplatte: [4]
IBcDEBGJsE1nKEDeuKdMH3hF5ss sentence id
bꜣk=sn mꜣꜥ mrr=sn ḥzi̯.y=sn jrr ḥzz.t=sn nb.t m ẖr.t-hrw n.t rꜥ-nb jmꜣḫ nb jmꜣḫ,t //[A.5]// rḫ-nswt (j)r(,j)-pꜥ(,t) ḥꜣ,t(j)-ꜥ ḫtm,t(j)-bj,t(j) sm(ḥ)r-wꜥ.t(j) (j)m(,j)-r(ʾ)-mšꜥ N,j-sw-Mnṯw ḥr(,j)-tp sms,w-hꜣy,t tkn(.w) s,t ⸮mtj? m pr-nswt //[A.6]// ꜥꜣ sḫr m jpꜣ nswt jwi̯ n=f wr.pl m ksw ḥꜣ,t(j)-ꜥ.pl m ḏi̯.y ḥr ẖ,t
Their true servant, their beloved and praised by them, who does what they praise in the course of every day, king's confident, hereditary noble and count, seal-bearer of the king of Lower Egypt, the sole friend, commander of the army Ny-su-Mnthu, chief elder of the portal, one whose place was near, the regulator of the palace, great of plans in the royal office, one to whom the great ones come bowing, and counts lay (themselves) on their bellies.
sawlit:Stele des Nesmontu (Louvre C 1 = N 155)//〈Stele des Nesmontu (Louvre C 1 = N 155)〉: [A.4]
IBUBd0DcTknAfkmUmqjACqZHJeY sentence id
//[A.15]// ḥtp-ḏi̯-[nswt] 〈〈ḏi̯〉〉 Wsjr nb-Ḏd,w ḫnt,j-jmn,tjw.pl nṯr-ꜥꜣ nb-ꜣbḏw pr,t-ḫrw (n,j) tʾ ḥ(n)q,t 〈ḫꜣ〉 kꜣ ꜣpd ḫꜣ šs ḫꜣ mnḫ,t ḫꜣ m ḥtp.pl ḏfꜣ.pl //[A.16]// [ḫ,t] [nfr.t] wꜥb.t ꜥnḫ.t nṯr jm m ṯz,t n.t wꜥb-ꜥꜣ m-bꜣḥ-ꜥ Wsjr n kꜣ n(,j) jmꜣḫ jm,j-rʾ-mšꜥ N,j-sw-Mnṯ,w mꜣꜥ-ḫrw msi̯.(w) n Ḫm,w mꜣꜥ,t-ḫrw
An offering that the king gives so that Osiris, lord of Busiris, Khentamenti, the great god, lord of Abydos, may give an invocation offering of bread and beer, a thousand of bulls and birds, a thousand of alabaster, a thousand of cloths, a thousand of offerings and provisions, and [a thousand of good and] pure things from which god lives as the offering share of the high priest in the presence of Osiris to the ka of the revered one, overseer of the army Ny-su-Monthu, justified, born of Khemu, justified.
sawlit:Stele des Nesmontu (Louvre C 1 = N 155)//〈Stele des Nesmontu (Louvre C 1 = N 155)〉: [A.15]
IBUBd6ErFWaMXUDquOCLX4ONA4I sentence id
jw jgr,t ḫtm.n=(j) ẖr(,j)-ḥ(ꜣ)b(,t) Ṯtw zꜣ Jni̯-jt≡f zꜣ N(,j)-sw-Mnṯ,w zꜣ Jni̯-jt≡f //[10]// r jri̯.t jr,(j)t m wꜥb,t r šdi̯.t ḥꜣb,t n ḥm=(j) m ꜣbd ⸮nb? smd,t ⸮nb(.t)? n-mrw,t nfr rn=j //[11]// wnn sḫꜣ,w=(j) r-mn mjn n-mrw,t smnḫ rʾ-pr n(,j) sꜥḥ pn mnḫ
I have also hired the lector priest Antef, son of Nesmontu, son of Antef, son of Tjetu, to perform the tasks in the embalming place and to read rituals for my Majesty at every monthly festival and at every half-monthly festival, so that my name would be good and the memory of me would last (until) today, in order to make excellent the shrine of this beneficient dignitary.
sawlit:Stele des Antef, Sohn der Myt (BM EA 1164)//〈Stele des Antef, Sohn der Myt (BM EA 1164)〉: [9]
IBUBd6tr5SyPy0i4oMLwcW1QGqk sentence id
mtw=k ptr pꜣj //[vs.8]// 3 jdb.pl jnn mtw=k ḏi̯.t jry.tw sḥḏ nꜣ šn.w n,tj m tꜣy=w (j)ꜣ,t mj-qd //[vs.9]// pꜣ ꜣḥ,t.pl j:wn N,j-sw-Mnṯ,w skꜣ=f
Und du sollst schauen auf die drei Uferlandstücke von uns und du sollst die Bäume auslichten, die auf ihrem Hügel stehen ebenso wie (auf?) dem Ackerland, das Nisu-Month gewöhnlich beackerte.
bbawbriefe:pLeiden I.370//Brief des Djehuti-mesu an Bu-teh-Imen und die Sched-em-duat: [vs.7]
IBUBd1VsMwGzNEcahwaaIExXo9I sentence id

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  1. ꜥꜣ-n-tꜣ-r-ḏr=f, "Großer des ganzen Landes" | ""
  2. ḥz.y=f-mꜣꜥ-n-s.t-jb=f, "sein wahrhaft Gelobter in dessen innersten Herzen" | ""
  3. jmꜣḫ.t, "Versorgtheit" | ""

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Y5-N35-V13-G43-N35-F20-M23-G43: 2 times


Y5-N35-V13-G43-N35-M23-G43: 1 times


Y5-N35-V13-G43-N35-F20-M23: 1 times


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