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• Leiter jedes Schurzes german translation
• director of every kilt english translation
• epitheton_title: title part of speech
• 550352 lemma id
• Wb 4, 522.6; Jones, Titles OK, no. 2737 bibliographical information

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//[B.1]// jr,j-pꜥ,t ḥꜣ,tj-ꜥ ḫtm,w-bj,tj smr-wꜥ,tj sm ḫrp-šnḏ,t-nb.t rʾ-Nḫn ḥm-nṯr-mꜣꜥ,t jm,j-rʾ-⸮ꜥpr?-m-bꜣḥ-nṯr wꜥb-ꜥꜣ-n-Wsjr jm,j-rʾ-sšr(.pl)-m-pr-wr ḫnt,j-s,t m ꜥ,t šps.t ḥr,j-sštꜣ-n(,j)-mꜣꜣ,(w)t-wꜥ //[B.2]// jm,j-ḫnt-ꜥꜣ-m-Ꜣbḏ,w ḥr,j sgr m wꜥꜥ,w ḥbs ꜥ m s,t.pl jmn.t(.pl) m mꜣꜣ nfr,pl nb=f sjp(.w) n=f n,t.t jw,t.t n jqr n(,j) mnḫ(,w)=f //[B.3]// ḥr jb jr,j-pꜥ,t ḥꜣ,tj-ꜥ {{⸢jm,j-rʾ-ḥm.pl-nṯr⸣}} {{⸢Wp-wꜣ,t,pl-ꜥꜣ⸣}} ḏd=f
Hereditary noble and local prince, royal seal bearer and sole friend (of the king), sem-priest, inspector of all aprons, mouth of Nekhen, priest of Ma'at, overseer of the equipment which is in the presence of the god, great wab-priest of Osiris, overseer of linen in the Great House, foremost of place in the noble chamber, chief of secrets of unique seeing, great chamberlain in Abydos, master of silence in private, one with his arm covered in the secret places as one who sees the beauty of his lord, to whom is entrusted that which is and that which is not on account of his being efficient in the heart (of the king), hereditary noble and local prince, overseer of the priests, Wepwawetaa says:
sawlit:Stele des Wepwawetaa (Leiden V4 = AP 63)//〈Stele des Wepwawetaa (Leiden V4 = AP 63)〉: [B.1]
IBUBdQsBmwcWy016vcTq2P6Q6Q4 sentence id
//[Grabherr⁝1]// (j)r(,j)-pꜥ(,t) ḥꜣ(,tj)-ꜥ ẖr(,j)-ḥ(ꜣ)b(,t) ḥr(,j)-tp ⸢sms,w-sn,wt⸣ ⸢ꜥꜣ-Dwꜣ,w⸣ ⸢sm⸣ ⸢ḫrp-šnḏ,t-nb,t⸣ [...] ⸢ḥr(,j)-tp-ꜥꜣ-n-ꜣtf,t⸣ ⸢Ḥm-Rꜥw⸣
Der Iri-pat, Hatia, Vorlesepriester, Oberhaupt, Ältester des Senut-Heiligtums, Assistent (?) des Duau, Sem-Priester, Leiter jedes Schurzes ... und großes Oberhaupt von Atfet, Hem-Re.
bbawgrabinschriften:Sektion D//Personenbeischriften: [Grabherr⁝1]
IBUBd6JKLb6TykyPjArREjaAyHA sentence id
//[3]// s[m] ḫrp-šnḏ,t-nb,t [Ḥm-]Rꜥw
Der Sem-Priester und Leiter jedes Schurzes Hem-Re.
bbawgrabinschriften:Opfertisch-Szene (Sektion A)//über Grabherrn: [3]
IBUBdQmKctg0bkLVh1CGuO500i8 sentence id
//[1]// ⸢s⸣[m] [ḫrp-]⸢šnḏ,t-nb,t⸣ smr-⸢wꜥ,tj⸣ ⸢H̱tt,j⸣
Der Sem-Prieste und Leiter jedes Schurzes, der einzige Freund (des Königs) Cheteti.
bbawgrabinschriften:Opfergabenbringer vor Grabherren//über Grabherren: [1]
IBUBd3TVIQg75EEDh8n26dQJKYY sentence id
//[Z2]// sm ḫrp-šnḏw,t-nb(,t) smr-wꜥ(w,)t(j) Mrw
Sem-Priester, Leiter aller Schurze, 'Einziger Freund', Meru.
bbawgrabinschriften:Fassade//linkes Gewände: [Z2]
IBUBdw0N1kdubk6srBqqvsYg4bU sentence id

 ḫrp-šnḏ.t-nb.t in following corpora

 Best collocation partners

  1. sm, "Sem-Priester" | "sem-priest"
  2. ḥꜣ.tj-ꜥ, "Hatia (Rangtitel); Bürgermeister" | "count; nomarch; mayor"
  3. sms.w-sn.wt, "Ältester des Senut-Heiligtums" | "elder of the senut-shrine"

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S42-S26-X1-V30: 3 times


S42-V7-I10-X1-N35-S26-V30: 1 times


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