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• Hauptverwalter der Stadt german translation
• chief administrator of the town english translation
• epitheton_title: title part of speech
• 850404 lemma id
• Wb 1, 288.12; Ward, Titles, no. 695; vgl. Jones, Titles OK, no. 14 bibliographical information

 Most relevant occurrences

//[A.1]// ḥtp-ḏi̯-nswt (ḏi̯) Wsjr nb-[ꜣbḏw] [pr,t-ḫrw] [tʾ] [ḥnq,t] //[A.2]// kꜣ(.pl) ꜣpd(.pl) šs mnḫ,t snṯr mrḥ,t ḫ,t nb.t nfr.t //[A.3]// wꜥb.t n kꜣ n (j)r(,j)-pꜥ(,t) ḥꜣ,tj-ꜥ ḏd nfr,t wḥm mrr.t //[A.4]// m-ẖr,t-hrw n.t rꜥ-nb ꜣt,w-ꜥꜣ-n(,j)-nʾ,t Ḫwi̯-(wj-)Sbk rn=f nfr Ḏꜣꜣ //[B.1]// jri̯(.w) n J:tʾ
An offering which the king gives so that Osiris, lord of [Abydos] may give [an invocation offering of bread and beer,] bulls and birds, alabaster and linen, incense and oil and every good and pure thing to the ka of the hereditary noble and local prince who says what is good and repeats what is beloved in the course of every day, the chief officer of the city $Ḫw-Sbk$, whose good name is $Ḏꜣꜣ$, begotten by $Jtʾ$.
sawlit:Stele des Chusobek (Manchester 3306)//〈Stele des Chusobek (Manchester 3306)〉: [A.1]
IBYBFL6zYQhr9EoNmXwEW6ibjs8 sentence id
//[D.1]// (j)r(,j)-pꜥ(,t) ḥꜣ,tj-ꜥ mn ṯb,t hru̯ nmt,t.pl mḏd wꜣ,t n.t smnḫ sw //[D.2]// rḏi̯.n nb-tꜣ.du fꜣw=f sḫnt.n mrw,t=f s,t=f ꜣṯ,w-ꜥꜣ-n(,j)-nʾ,t Ḏꜣꜣ //[D.3]// ḏd=f
Hereditary noble and local prince, firm of soles and quiet of steps, loyal to the one who established him, whose renown the Lord of the Two Lands gave, whose love advanced his position, the great officer of the city $Ḏꜣꜣ$ says:
sawlit:Stele des Chusobek (Manchester 3306)//〈Stele des Chusobek (Manchester 3306)〉: [D.1]
IBUBd6zJmiMKaUCBkswhvG1C7OA sentence id
ꜣṯ,w-ꜥꜣ-n(,j)-nʾ,t [Ḏꜣꜣ] //[D.6]// ḏd=f
The chief officer of the city $Ḏꜣꜣ$ says:
sawlit:Stele des Chusobek (Manchester 3306)//〈Stele des Chusobek (Manchester 3306)〉: [D.5]
IBUBd6Fy3sAlcEZkkAtcr4hVJ4o sentence id
[...] //[E5]// sn=f ꜣṯ,w-ꜥꜣ-n-nʾ,t Sbk-ḥtp
Sein Bruder, der Hauptverwalter der Stadt, Sebekhotep.
sawlit:Stele des Ibjau (Kairo CG 20086)//〈Stele des Ibjau (Kairo CG 20086)〉: [E5]
IBUBd2y9Zc6ajE0LnIOucJkQvy0 sentence id

 ꜣṯ.w-ꜥꜣ-n-nʾ.t in following corpora

 Best collocation partners

  1. Ḏꜣꜣ, "Djaa" | ""
  2. fꜣ.w, "Macht; Ansehen" | "magnificence"
  3. jr.j-pꜥ.t, "Iri-pat (Rangtitel); Nobler" | "hereditary prince; nobleman"

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D56-X1-G43-O29-N35-O49: 3 times


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