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• Nobler der ersten Urzeit german translation
• hereditary prince of the first primordial time english translation
• epitheton_title: title part of speech
• 860296 lemma id
• Fischer, Titles, no. 853a bibliographical information

 Most relevant occurrences

ḥꜣ,t(j)-ꜥ-m-pr-Mnṯ,w (j)r(,j)-pꜥ(,t)-n(,j)-pꜣ(w),t-tp,(j)t rḫ ḥtp,t //[3]// n.t rʾ.pl-pr.pl šsꜣ.w m tr ⸢n(,j)⸣ fꜣi̯.t n bwi̯.w n=sn //[4]// bw,t.pl=sn rḫ(.w) šzp.t jb(.pl)=s⸢n⸣ nṯr nb r j:ḫr,t=f rḫ(.w) //[5]// tʾ=f n(,j) pꜣ(w),t.pl rḫ ꜥšm.w.pl n(.pl) jꜣ,t(j)t ḥnb,t(j)t mj //[6]// sšm=s〈n〉 nb wbꜣ(.w) n=f ḫr,t ꜥf⸢t⸣,t rḫ(.w) pr-dwꜣ,t ḥmu̯.w m sbꜣ.pl=s //[7]// Jni̯-jt≡f ḏd
Governor of the estate of Montu, count of the first time, who knows the offerings of the temples, experienced in the time of bringing offerings to them, one who makes their abomination abominable to them, who knows what their heart receives, each god according to his needs, who knows his offering bread, who knows the demons of the mounds and the farmland, as well as all their affairs, one for whom was opened the collection of spells, who knows the morning house, one apt at its doors, Intef, says:
sawlit:Stele des Antef, Sohn der Myt (Berlin 13272)//〈Stele des Antef, Sohn der Myt (Berlin 13272)〉: [2]
IBUBd1MWGV7VY0sBjR58kHokGy0 sentence id

 jr.j-pꜥ.t-n-pꜣw.t-tp.jt in following corpora

 Best collocation partners

  1. ḥꜣ.tj-ꜥ-n-Pr-Mnṯ.w, "Bürgermeister des Monthtempels" | "count in the temple of Monthu"
  2. jꜣ.tjt, "Kataster (?)" | "[noun]"
  3. ḥnb.tjt, "[Ausdruck der Tempelverwaltung]" | ""

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D21-Q3-D36-N35-Q3-G40-X1-X6-T8-Q3-X1: 1 times


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