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//[2]// ḥtp-ḏi̯-nswt Wsjr nb-Ḏd,w ḫnt,j-jmn,t(jw) nṯr-ꜥꜣ nb-Ꜣbḏw di̯=f pr,t-ḫrw tʾ ḥnq,t kꜣ(.pl) ꜣpd(.pl) //[3]// šs mnḫ,t (j)ḫ,t nb.t nfr(.t) wꜥb(.t) tʾ n(,j) ḥsb ḥ(n)q,t ẖꜣm,t ḏsr.t jꜣ,tt kꜣ.pl rḫs(.w) snṯr ḥr sḏ,t ꜣpd.pl //[4]// ḥtp,t ḏfꜣ.w.pl sṯp,t.pl bnrj,t ḥḏ,t-ḥzꜣ,t pri̯,t ḥr z(ꜣ)ṯ ḥr ḥtp ꜥꜣ ẖꜣm(,t)-jḫ,t n ḥw,t-nṯr ṯzz.t //[5]// ḥr ḫꜣw,t šps.t m-bꜣḥ Ḫnt,j-jmn,t(jw) m wꜣg ḏḥw.t(y)t hꜣkr pr,t-tp,jt pr,t-ꜥꜣ.t wp,t-rnp,t ḏꜣ,t-nṯr rkḥ //[6]// tp,j-rnp,t ꜣbd smd-n.t ḥ(ꜣ)b-Zkr sꜣḏ pr,t-Mnw sḏr,t Pqr ṯnw,t 5 ḥr.w.pl-rnp,t m ḥ(ꜣ)b.pl n.w pr Wsjr mrr.w //[7]// ꜣḫ.pl wnm jm n kꜣ n(,j) {{⸢ḥꜣ,tj-ꜥ⸣}} {{⸢jm,j-rʾ-ḥm,pl-nṯr⸣}} {{⸢Wp-wꜣ,t.pl-ꜥꜣ⸣}} {{⸢ḏd⸣}}={{⸢f⸣}}
An offering which the king gives (to) Osiris, lord of Djedu, Khentamenti, great god, lord of Abydos, so that he may give an invocation offering of bread and beer, bulls and birds, alabaster and linen, all good and pure things, bread rations, Khamet-beer, special (?) milk, butchered bulls, incense on the flame, fowl, offerings, provisions, choice meat pieces, sweets, milk of the heavenly cow, what comes forth while libating on the great altar, the food offerings of the temple, laden on the noble offering table in the presence of Khentamentiu on the Wag festival, on the Thot festival, on the Haker festival, on the first procession, on the great procession, on the opening of the year, the boat journey of the god, on the burning festival, on the first day of the year festival, on the monthly festival and the half-monthly festival, on the festival of Sokar and the Sadj festival, on the procession of Min, on the resting festival of Peqer, on the numbering festival, on the festival of the five epagomenal days, on the festival of the temple of Osiris, on which the Akhu like to eat, to the Ka of the count and overseer of the priests Wepwawetaa, he says:
sawlit:Stele des Wepwawetaa (München Gl. WAF 35)//〈Stele des Wepwawetaa (München Gl. WAF 35)〉: [2]
IBUBd0bfPTdGpkNhkcSN05c7KQo sentence id

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  1. ḥḏ.t-Ḥzꜣ.t, "Milch" | ""
  2. Ḏꜣ.t-nṯr, "Überfahrt des Gottes (Fest)" | ""
  3. ẖꜣm.t, "[Beiwort des Bieres]" | "[a kind of beer]"

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