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• Vorsteher des Versiegelten an der geheimen Stätte german translation
• - english translation missing
• epitheton_title: title part of speech
• 859958 lemma id
• TPPI, § 20.A2 bibliographical information

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bꜣk=f mꜣꜥ n(,j)-s,t-jb=f ḫnt(,j)-s,t m pr nb=f sr ꜥꜣ n(,j) jb=f rḫ ḫr,t-jb nb=f šms sw r nmt,t.pl=f nb(.t) wꜥ jb //[2]// [ḥm]=f n-wn-mꜣꜥ ḥꜣ,t-wr,pl-n,w-pr-nswt ḫnt(,j)-ḫtm,t-m-s,t-štꜣ.t ḥꜣp.t.n nb=f r wr.pl sḫmḫ jb Ḥr,w m mri̯.t.n=f jm,j-jb-nb≡f mri̯.y=f (j)m(,j)-rʾ-n(,j)-ḫtm,(w)t ḫnt,(j)t //[3]// s,t-štꜢ,t mrr.t nb=f (j)m(,j)-rʾ-ḫtm,(w)t ẖr(,j)-tp-nswt jmꜣḫ,w Ṯṯj ḏd
His true and trusted servant, one foremost of place in the house of his lord, an official great of his heart, one who knew the wish of his lord, who followed him on each journey of his, one unique in the heart of his [Majesty] in true being, one at the head of the great ones of the royal palace, foremost of the seal (or: sealed things) of the secret place which his lord hid from the great ones, one who pleased the heart of Horus with what he loved, a trusted one of his lord, his beloved, overseer of sealed things - the choicest ones of the secret place which his lord loves -, chief treasurer, royal chamberlain, the dignified Tjetji, who says:
sawlit:Stele des Tjetji (BM EA 614)//〈Stele des Tjetji (BM EA 614)〉: [1]
IBUBdwPB1y2WAUZDnzDhzEW5WHY sentence id

 ḫnt.j-ḫtm.t-m-s.t-štꜣ.t in following corpora

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  1. ḥꜣ.t-wr.w-n.w-pr-nswt, "Erster der Großen des Palastes" | ""
  2. jm.j-rʾ-ḫtm.t, "Vorsteher der versiegelten Sachen" | "overseer of sealed goods (i.e. the treasury)"
  3. sḫmḫ, "erheitern" | "to distract (the heart); to entertain"

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