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• Waret-aat-hemhemet german translation
• - english translation missing
• entity_name: place_name part of speech
• 860302 lemma id
• Lichtheim, Autobiographies, 113, Anm. 4 bibliographical information

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jri̯.n=(j) gr,t mꜥḥꜥ,t tn m Tꜣ-wr ꜣbḏ,w tꜣ-ḏsr ꜣḫ,t jmn,tt [wꜥr,t-ꜥꜣ,t-hm]hm,t //[x+7]// sḥtp(.t) jb.pl ꜣḫ.pl r rʾ n(,j) sbꜣ n(,j) hꜣkr
I have built this tomb-chapel in Abydos in the Thinite nome, the sacred land, the western horizon, [the district of great re]nown (?), which satisfies the hearts of the blessed spirits at the mouth of the door of the Haker-festival,
sawlit:Stele des Sobeknakht (London UC 14385)//〈Stele des Sobeknakht (London UC 14385)〉: [x+6]
IBUBdwrXZHXQqUQ2l9VzbanBrsI sentence id
jy.w.n=j gr,t r jz pn r r(w)d n(,j) nṯr-šps(,j) wꜥr,t-ꜥꜣ,t-hmh〈m〉,t
I have now come to this tomb at the Terrace of the Noble God, (at) the ground great of fame,
sawlit:Stele des Antefiqer (Leiden V 3 = AP 7)//〈Stele des Antefiqer (Leiden V 3 = AP 7)〉: [A.5]
IBUBd67WDMggKExlsYLHHrc7Er8 sentence id
jri̯.n=j g〈r〉,t mꜥḥꜥ,t tn ḥr msḫn,t n.t ꜣbḏ,w tꜣ-ḏsr n(,j) ḫꜣs,t jmn,tt wꜥr,t-ꜥꜣ,t-hmhm,t //[A.3]// sꜣḫ.{ṯ}tw ḫnt,jw.pl jz.pl=sn
I made this tomb-chapel at the birthplace of Abydos, the sacred land of the western desert, the district great of fame, (where?) those who are in their tombs are glorified,
sawlit:Stele des Antef (Leiden V 6 = AP 74)//〈Stele des Antef (Leiden V 6 = AP 74)〉: [A.2]
IBUBd4bXJsFc90dWsx4GUdWF3Bw sentence id
[jw] [jri̯.n=j] [mꜥḥ]ꜥ,t tn r rw,t n.t šsp ꜣw,t.pl jri̯.t.n=(j) m Tꜣ-wr ꜣbḏw tꜣ-ḏsr (m) ꜣḫ,t jmn,tt wꜥr,t-ꜥꜣ,t-hmhm,t sḥtp.t jb.pl ꜣḫ.pl r rʾ n(,j) sbꜣ //[x+7]// [n(,j)] [hꜣkr]
[... ... ... I built] this [to]mb at the gate of receiving offerings, which I made in the sacred land of Abydos in the Thinite nome, (in) the western horizon of the district "Loud of Cries" which makes the hearts of the potent spirits content at the mouth of the door [...].
sawlit:Stele des Abkau (Louvre C 15)//〈Stele des Abkau (Louvre C 15)〉: [x+5]
IBUBd0iPA2WEvU3YiR1eBrQjrHE sentence id

 Wꜥr.t-ꜥꜣ.t-hmhm.t in following corpora

 Best collocation partners

  1. tꜣ-ḏsr, "das heilige Land (Nekropole); Totenreich" | "necropolis (lit. sacred land); land of the dead"
  2. mꜥḥꜥ.t, "Kultstätte; Grab" | "funerary chapel (for offerings or a stela); cenotaph"
  3. Hꜣkr, "Haker (Fest in Abydos)" | "Haker (Abydene festival)"

 Written forms

G43-D36-D21-X1-D56-Z1-N23-O29-X1-O4-G17-O4-X1-A2: 1 times


D56-O29v-X1-O4-G17-O4-G17-X1: 1 times

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G43-D36-D21-X1-D56-N25-O29-D36-X1-O4-G17-O4-G17-X1-A2: 1 times


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