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• akute Schmerzen german translation
• toothache english translation
• substantive part of speech
• 169880 lemma id
• Wb 5, 241.4; MedWb 937; FCD 294 bibliographical information

 Most relevant occurrences

jr swt gmi̯=k z pf šdi̯.n ḥꜥ,pl=f //[3.9]// srf ẖr wbn,w pf n,tj m tpꜣ n.w ḏnn,t=f jsk z pf šdi̯.n=f tjꜣ ẖr wbn,w pf wdi̯.jn=k //[3.10]// ꜥ=k ḥr=f
(2. Untersuchung:) Aber wenn du jenen Mann vorfinden wirst, indem sein Körper (oder: sein Hautgewebe) Hitze/Fieber entwickelt (wörtl.: ergriffen) hat infolge jener Wunde, die in den $tpꜣ.w$-Regionen seines (Hirn-)Schädels ist – jener Mann, er hat außerdem $tjꜣ$-Leiden (Kaumuskelkrampf?) entwickelt (wörtl.: ergriffen) infolge jener Wunde –, dann hast du daraufhin deine Hand auf ihn (oder: 〈auf〉 sein Gesicht) gelegt.
sawmedizin:Papyrus Edwin Smith//1.1-9.18: Wundenbuch, Kopfverletzungen (Fall 1-27): [3.8]
IBUBd8EZroL46U2nrQ8Q5Sn9VFc sentence id
//[A.3]// jr,j-pꜥ,t ḥꜣ,tj-ꜥ ḫtm,w-bj,tj smr-wꜥ,tj jm,j-rʾ-ꜥb-wḥm,t-šw(,t)-nšm,t jm,j-rʾ-šnw,tj jm,j-rʾ-zš,du zꜣb ꜥḏ-mr-z(my),⸮⸢nb(.t)⸣? ḥr,j [___] m-⸮ḫnt? tꜣ-___ mḥ-jb-nswt m spꜣ, rsj, mḥ šnꜥ.pl nṯ //[A.4]// sḏfꜣ ḫꜣw, sꜥḥ.pl ḫrp ꜥ ḥꜣb,yt jmꜣm-⸮ꜥ? m rʾ nṯ Šmꜥ,w (Tꜣ)-mḥ,w ḥr,j-tp snb nswt r-nḥḥ jrr mꜣ.w n(,j) r(m)ṯ.pl pꜣ,t mnmn, //[A.5]// nb.t ḏḏ ḥ wḏ ꜥ n smd,t jm,j.t pr-nswt ḏḏ ḥr ṯjꜣ wpp mr,t sꜥḥ.pl //[A.6]// dd ẖr,t zbi̯.t n jy.t mr.y nb=f mꜣꜥ ḥz.y=f n(,j)-s,t-jb=f jrr ḥzz.t=f nb.t m-ẖr,t-hrw n.t rꜥ-nb jmꜣḫ(,w) (j)m(,j)-rʾ-pr Jni̯-jt≡f msi̯.n Zꜣ,t-Jmn mꜣꜥ-ḫrw ḏd=f
Hereditary noble and local prince, seal-bearer and sole friend (of the king), overseer of horns, hooves, feathers and scales, overseer of the two granaries, overseer of the two ponds, senior administrator of all(?) the deserts, master of ...?... in the Land of ...?..., a trusted one of the king in the southern districts, one who fills the magazines of the gods, one who endows the altars of dignitaries, who provides the loaves of the festive offerings, one charming in the temples of the gods of Upper and Lower Egypt, supervisor of the health of the king for eternity, one who carries out inspection of the people, offering bread(?) and all cattle, who gives clothes and assigns provisions to the personnel of (lit. who are in) the royal palace, who places the great ones to (lit. "upon") their jubilation, who divides the underlings and (i.e. "from") the dignitaries, who gives a part of that which passed to that which comes, one truly beloved of his lord, his praised and trusted one, who does what he praises in the course of every day, the dignified chamberlain Antef, born of Satamun, justified, he says:
sawlit:Stele des Antef (Louvre C 167 = E 3111)//〈Stele des Antef (Louvre C 167 = E 3111)〉: [A.3]
IBUBd21OlGTRSE5FlIJzQ6W7Ee0 sentence id
dr tjꜣ [pw]
[Das ist] das Beseitigen des $tjꜣ.w$-(Kaumuskel-)krampfes.
sawmedizin:Papyrus Kahun VI.1 (London UC 32057)//pKahun VI.1 (London UC 32057): [3.26]
IBYBMiQP8DyLZUDKhxW6LvbXqeY sentence id
tjꜣ,w pw n(,j) jd,t
Das sind $tjꜣ$-Schmerzen des Uterus
sawmedizin:Papyrus Kahun VI.1 (London UC 32057)//pKahun VI.1 (London UC 32057): [1.16]
IBYAJnhJCOQDbEQVhTfz9XbYHvI sentence id
dr tjꜣ.w pw n(,j) jd,t
Das ist das Vertreiben des $tjꜣ.w$-Krampfs (infolge) des Uterus.
sawmedizin:Papyrus Kahun VI.1 (London UC 32057)//pKahun VI.1 (London UC 32057): [3.8]
IBYBMKeEoDVPQkDBrRQQvTjm3tY sentence id

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  1. tpꜣ.w, "Teil des Schädels" | "[a part of the skull]"
  2. ꜥḏ-mr-zmy.t, "Verwalter der Wüste" | "administrator of the desert region"
  3. pf, "jener [Dem.Pron. sg.m]" | "that (demons. pron., masc. sing.)"

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X1-M17-G1-Z7-F18-Z2: 3 times


X1-M17-G1-F18: 2 times


V13-M17-G1-G43-F18-Z2B: 1 times


M17-G1-N21-A2-Z3: 1 times


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