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• Versteck german translation
• hiding place english translation
• substantive: substantive_fem part of speech
• 101330 lemma id
• Wb 3, 31.4-6; Wilson, Ptol. Lexikon, 616 bibliographical information

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sḫnt.t(w) s,t=f m rʾ-pr pn pr.w.pl nʾ,t.pl n.t nḥḥ wꜥr,t //[A6]// mnḫ.t nṯr.pl ḫnt,(j)t mẖr,w.pl r s,t nb.t ḥtp.t.n nṯr pn ḥr=s s,t wr.t //[A7]// ns,t.pl n.t Gb ḥꜣp,t štꜣ,w.pl m Ꜣbḏ,w sn,nwt pr Jnp,w psḏ.t //[A8]// Rꜥ ḥr=f r=s
His place was advanced in this temple, the houses and the cities of eternity, the excellent desert plateau of gods, superior in offerings to any other place on which this god has rested, the great seat of the thrones of Geb, the hiding place of (oder: which conceals) the mysteries of Abydos, equal to the house of Anubis, toward which Re, (that is) his face, shines.
sawlit:Stele des Shensetji (Los Angeles 50.33.31)//〈Stele des Shensetji (Los Angeles 50.33.31)〉: [A5]
IBUBd8oEF8ezH0Gmtw6eWPOgR50 sentence id

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  1. sn.nwt, "Kollegin; Gefährtin; Zweite" | ""
  2. ḫnt.j, "vorn Befindlicher" | ""
  3. mẖr.w, "Bedürfnisse; Fürsorge; Geschäfte" | "provisions; offerings"

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V28-M16-G1-Q3-X1-S27: 1 times


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