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• Blumenstrauß (?) german translation
• - english translation missing
• substantive: substantive_fem part of speech
• 859746 lemma id
• Wb 1, 176.9; Charpentier, Recueil, Nr. 236 bibliographical information

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jnk Jnp,w jr,j-sšr n(,j) sšr,w ⸮ps(.y)? hrw zḫn -1Q- nbꜣ.w.pl wn ꜥ m ḫnr //[D.7]// ḫft(,j).pl m wꜥr,t-ḥtp,t fnḫ jb ḥm-nṯr-Nj,t hrw n(,j) jdḫ.w.pl ḥbs ẖ,t r rʾ wḏꜥ.w.pl //[D.8]// hrw sš.t(w) pꜣq,t ḥzz.w Ḫnt,j-ḥsr,t m mꜣꜥ smꜥ,t.pl sšm(,w) //[D.9]// ⸮wꜣ,t-Ḥr,w{t}? dwꜣ,t hrw sꜥḥꜥ ꜥb,t.pl ḫnm nṯr=f m mri̯.t.n=f sꜥḥ sw m šzp.t jb=f sḥtp sꜥḥ.pl //[D.10]// šps.w.pl m pri̯.t m-bꜣḥ nb=f jmꜣḫ(,w) Rwḏ-ꜥḥꜣ,w mꜣꜥ-ḫrw ḏd
I was Anubis, keeper of linen of cooked linen (?) on the day of swathing the carrying-poles, one quick of arm in imprisoning enemies in the District of Offerings, one acute, priest of Neith on the day of the smiters, one who keeps silent concerning the utterance of the judges on the day of cutting fine linen, one praised by the one at the fore of the necropolis of Hermopolis in stearing the sounding poles, leader of the ways of Horus of the Netherworld on the day of setting up bouquets (?), one who made his god glad with what he had desired, who ennobled himself with what his heart received, who satisfied the noble dignitaries with what is brought forth in the presence of his lord, the praised one, Rudjahau, the justified one, who says:
sawlit:Stele des Rudjahau (BM EA 159)//〈Stele des Rudjahau (BM EA 159)〉: [D.6]
IBUBd14vcPnJj0Q5leMtBgsIGgQ sentence id

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  1. jr.j-sšr.w, "Verwalter des Leinenstoffs" | "keeper of the linen"
  2. Wꜥr.t-ḥtp.t, "Waret-hetepet" | ""
  3. ḥm-nṯr-Nj.t, "Priester der Neith" | ""

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D36-D58-X1-M2-Z3: 1 times


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