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• substantive part of speech
• 132880 lemma id
• Wb 4, 104.19-20; FCD 223 bibliographical information

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//[A1]// ḥtp-ḏi̯-nswt Wsjr nb-Ḏd,w Ḫnt,j-jmn,tjw nb-Ꜣbḏw m [...] //[A2]// šs ⸮[mnḫ,t]? ḫꜣ (n) (j)ḫ,t nb(.t) nfr(.t) n ḫtm,w-bj,tj smr-wꜥ,tj jm,j-jb n(,j) nb,t=f wr.t wꜣḥ nmt m qb jd,t [...] ⸮rn?=[f] //[A3]// rḫ ꜥḥꜥ(,w)=f rwd ḫtm nfr ꜥbb jqr s,t-ꜥ m šm,t nb.t nb šf,yt wr ḏr,t mꜥr jnm //[A4]// ḥḏ ḥbs.w.pl šps ḥꜥ.pl nṯri̯ mꜣꜣ rḫ tp-ḥsb n(,j) jri̯.t nꜥꜥ jb dmj n sr.pl pgꜣ jb //[A5]// ḥḏ jm,jt-ẖ,t sbṯ ḥr n spr,tj r ḏd=f n,t.t m jb=f ꜥq-jb nb,t=f n(,j)-s,t-jb=s ḏi̯(.w).n=s m ꜥr(r),wt ꜥꜣ.t //[A6]// qd mrr.w m rʾ n(,j) r(m)ṯ.pl ḫnt(,j)-s,t m pr-ꜥꜣ jm,j-rʾ-pr jmꜣḫ,w Rḏi̯-H̱nm,w ḏd
An offering which the king gives and Osiris, lord of Busiris, Khentamenti, Lord of Abydos in [all his places: a voice-offering of bread and bear, bulls and fowl,] alabaster [and clothing?], a thousand of all good things for the royal seal-bearer and sole friend, a trusted one of his great mistress, one enduring of steps in pouring libations and censing, [one who ... his?] name (?), one who knows his position, stable of seal, perfect of form(??), one able of performance at any event, possessor of respect and generous, one faultless of appearance, white of clothes, noble of body, divine to behold, one who knows the norms of conduct, balanced of heart, who mingles with officials, one open-hearted, with bright entrails, friendly to the one who comes so that he might say what is in his heart, a trusted confidant of his mistress, whom she favors, one whom she placed to the great "gate", a character beloved in the mouth of the people, one foremost of place in the royal palace, steward, the dignified Rediukhnum, who says:
sawlit:Stele des Rediuikhnum (Kairo CG 20543)//〈Stele des Rediuikhnum (Kairo CG 20543)〉: [A1]
IBUBd18UWWbigUWOtA7fT6jdrE0 sentence id
hnn jb=k m jwhꜣ.w r spr,tj r ḏd.t=f jy.t.n=f ḥr=s
"Incline your heart, don't be prejudiced against a petitioner until he has said that because of which he had come."
sawlit:Stele des Mentuhotep (London UC 14333)//〈Stele des Mentuhotep (London UC 14333)〉: [14]
IBUBdWyGaAyUW0ntnfXf9Zuhy0s sentence id

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  1. ꜥbb, "harken; (mit der Gabel) ernten (?)" | "to use a pitchfork"
  2. jm.jt-ẖ.t, "Gedanke" | ""
  3. jwh, "tragen; beladen" | "to load; to carry"

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Q3-D21-X1-U33-M17: 1 times


S29-Q3-D21-X1-Z4: 1 times


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