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• die Oasenbewohner german translation
• oasis dweller english translation
• substantive: substantive_masc part of speech
• 48710 lemma id
• Wb 1, 348.1; FCD 66 bibliographical information

 Most relevant occurrences

wr.wj jwi̯ wḥꜣ,tjw ẖr ḥb,yt=sn tmꜣm,wy⸢.pl⸣ [⸮sḏr?].pl m rdm,t wꜣḏ(.t) //[3, 10]// [__]n.pl n.w ꜣpd,w 〈trj〉 ⸮⸢wḥꜣ.w{t}⸣?
How great is the coming of oasis-dwellers bearing their festal offerings: mats, [sleeping mats (?)] of fresh palm, [jar]s (?) of birds and plucked (?) reeds (?)!
sawlit:pLeiden I 344 Recto//Admonitions = Ipuwer: [3, 9]
IBUBd2WDfq3JRE7OpeHreuhwzk8 sentence id
jy.n=(j) m Wꜣs,t m rḫ-nswt //[A.6]// jri̯ ḥzz.t=f nb.t m-sꜣ ḏꜣm-n-nfr,w r jri̯.t rwḏ tꜣ wḥꜣ,t(,j).pl //[A.7]// m sr mnḫ rḫ.n nb=f jqr sḫr m-bꜣḥ ṯni̯.n //[A.8]// sr.pl n(.w) ꜥḥ
As one whom the king knows, one who does all that he praises, did I come from Thebes, commanding troops of recruits, in order to secure the land of the oasis-dwellers, as an efficient official, one known to his lord, one excellent of counsel in the presence (of the king), one whom the officials of the palace distinguished.
sawlit:Stele des Djedj-iqu (Berlin 1199)//〈Stele des Djedj-iqu (Berlin 1199)〉: [A.5]
IBUBd7wN8Lu45ExWrqahAKO77M4 sentence id

 wḥꜣ.tjw in following corpora

 Best collocation partners

  1. sḏr, "Schlafmatte; Laken" | "pallet"
  2. ḏꜣm-n-nfrw, "junge Rekrutentruppe" | "troops of recruits"
  3. rdm.t, "Zyperngras; Nußgras (ein Riedgras)" | "cypress grass"

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Aa2-X1-G4-T14-A1-B1-Z2-N25: 1 times


Aa2-G4-Z2B: 1 times


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