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• [ein Gefäß] german translation
• [a vessel] english translation
• substantive: substantive_fem part of speech
• 39090 lemma id
• Wb 1, 208.2; MedWb 145 bibliographical information

 Most relevant occurrences

rḏi̯.ḫr=k //[93,14]// sḏr ꜥnd,yt mꜣ(w).t ⸮msd,jw? mꜣ(w) mḥ m mw n(,j) jꜣd,t
So sollst du veranlassen, dass ein neues $ꜥnḏ.yt$-Gefäß und eine neue ...-Schale (?), gefüllt mit Tauwasser, ruhen.
sawmedizin:Papyrus Ebers//93,6-94,22 = Eb 783-807: Erster gynäkologischer Abschnitt: [93,13]
IBcCCInvS5ib80ezqOm4nI7kCYI sentence id
ḥtp-ḏi̯-nswt Wsjr nb-Ḏd(,w) ḫnt(,j)-jmn,tj.pl nb-ꜣbd(w) pr,t-ḫrw 〈n(,j)〉 ḫꜣ //[4]// tʾ ḥnq,t kꜣ ꜣpd šs mnḫ,t (j)ḫ,t nb(.t) nfr(.t) wꜥb(.t) tʾ wꜥb n(,j) pr Mnṯ,w dbḥ,t-ḥtp.pl m pr Wsjr ḥn[k,t] n.t nb,t-[Jwn,t] ḏsr[,t] ⸢ḥḏ⸣.t Ḥz(ꜣ),t //[5]// šns.du mhr.du tp.pl wpi̯.w rʾ n(,j) Rꜥ(w) ḏs=f qbḥ,w n.w nṯr nb ⸢m⸣ [ḥz],t.pl šps.t.pl wꜥb,t.pl tp(,j)-rnp,t pꜣ(w),t.pl ḥb.pl n.w p,t ꜥꜣb,t n.t //[6]// nb-nṯr.pl kꜣ.pl jwꜣ.pl ꜥw,t.pl ḫꜣs,t.pl ḏꜣ,t.pl rʾ.pl ꜣpd.pl tʾ.pl n(,j) ḥsb ḥnq,t.pl ꜥnḏw.du dfꜣ.pl n.w nb-ꜣbḏw //[7]// mrr.t ꜣḫ.pl wn(m) jm
An offering which the king gives and Osiris, lord of Busiris, foremost of the westerners, lord of Abydos: an invocation offering of a thousand of bread and beer, bulls and birds, alabaster vessels and clothes, all good and pure things, pure bread of the estate of Montu, the required offerings of the estate of Osiris, the $ḥnk,t$-offering of the Mistress of [Dendera, white milk] of the divine cow, the two $šns$-breads, the two $mhr$-jars, the best (things) which open the mouth of Re himself, the libations of every god in the noble $ḥz,t$-vessels, the provisions of the festival of the first day of the year, the $pꜣ(w),t$-breads of the festivals of heaven, the great offering of the lord of the gods: bulls, $jwꜣ$-cattle, small cattle from (lit. "of") the foreign lands, cranes, $rʾ$-geese, fowl, bread of reckoning (?), two $ꜥnḏ$-vessels of beer, food offerings of the lord of Abydos, (all) that of which the transformed spirits like to eat,
sawlit:Stele des Antef, Sohn der Myt (BM EA 1164)//〈Stele des Antef, Sohn der Myt (BM EA 1164)〉: [3]
IBUBd8oe8MNtOkxIh2R5TMWmCVE sentence id

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  1. _.w, "[Gefäß]" | ""
  2. nb.t-Jwn.t, "Herrin von Dendera" | ""
  3. wꜥb.t, "Opferspeisen (das Reine)" | "food offerings (lit. what is pure)"

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D36-N35-N26-W22-W22: 1 times


D36-N35-D46-M17-M17-X1-W22: 1 times


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