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• Setzwaage german translation
• surveying instrument (?) english translation
• substantive: substantive_masc part of speech
• 131240 lemma id
• Wb 4, 86.15; FCD 219 bibliographical information

 Most relevant occurrences

//[2]// mj,t[j] ⸢n⸣ Ptḥ sbꜣ.pl Ḏḥw,tj pri̯ m ẖ,t 〈jw〉=〈f〉 m rḫ wḥꜥ jb sšm nṯr r bw nb nfr ḥꜣ,tj-ꜥ Zꜣ-rnp,
The like of Ptah and the levels of Thoth, who came out of the womb as a wise one, one understanding of heart, who lead the god to all good places, the governor Sarenput.
sawlit:Grabfassade//Biographische Phrasen links (Süden): [2]
IBUBd0AVl1sjL0shlUSAYA5QUIg sentence id
[...] //[265]// bw,t grg dr jzf,t [...] sbꜣ [...] sbꜣ dr nw ꜥqꜣ jb gsꜣ.pl=f
...], (whose) abomination is lying, who drives out evil, [... ...] a measuring device, (or: a teacher) who expels weakness, a righteous one who has no favourite.
sawlit:Great hall, Ostwand, Nordhälfte//Text 261-268: [265]
IBUBd7LZXzfWsEa4gFDOTl7eki8 sentence id

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  1. nw, "Unrecht; Schwäche" | "wrong (?); weakness (?)"
  2. gsꜣ, "[Personenbezeichnung]" | ""
  3. Zꜣ-rnp.wt, "Za-renput" | "Za-renput (Sarenput)"

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