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• Höfling german translation
• courtier english translation
• substantive: substantive_masc part of speech
• 857817 lemma id
• Van der Molen, Dictionary of Coffin Texts, 624 bibliographical information

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[mꜣꜥ-ḫrw]=[k] [m] [Ḏd,w] [ḫr] [Wnn-nfr] //[4]// [ḏd.tj] m jꜣbḏ,w m-bꜣḥ šnw,tj [...] [Jni̯]-ḥr,t šnw
Mögest du triumphieren/gerechtfertigt werden in Busiris bei Onnophris, wobei du dauerhaft bist in Abydos vor den beiden ...?... (Var.: vor [On]uris-Schen).
sawlit:〈06. 〉oDeM 1619//Satirischer Brief pAnastasi I, 3.2-4: [3]
IBUBd1wJxvi7TkHIoVBZkKWPpgY sentence id
jri̯ r(ʾ)-ꜥꜣ ḥr n,t(j)t jw,t(j)t ḫnt,j jꜣw,t.pl m pr-nswt //[6]// nb pꜣ,t ḏr rk tp,jw.pl-ꜥ jm,j-jb-n-nswt m ꜥḥ=f m sḥr rḫ,yt ḥr=f jwi̯.w n=f wr.pl m ks r r(w).tj pr-nswt ḥqꜣ-ḥw,t(j).pl ḫrp-jꜣw,tjw.pl wšd.w wr.pl tp,j-ꜥ.du šnw,t.pl //[7]// tkn.t m ꜥḥ rḫ n[,tj] štꜣ hrw mdw šnw,tj wr jd,t nb šf,yt hrw sṯꜣ twꜣ smj n nswt m-wꜥꜥ,w tkn s,t hrw n(,j) sꜥšꜣ wbꜣ.w n=f nswt mdw=f r jri̯.t ꜥrr,jt ḥr=f //[8]// mꜣꜥ hrw n(,j) ⸮[ẖr,j]? s,t jw,tw tši̯,t=f
one who acts as a fortress over all that is and that is not, one foremost of offices in the royal palace, lord of the old time since the time of the ancestors, king's favourite in his palace in keeping the commoners away from him, to whom the great ones come bending to the gate of the palace, supervisor of estate personnel, leader of officals, whom the great ones greet, one who is in front of the courtiers who draw nigh to the palace, one who knows the hidden one on the day of speaking, an official great in incense, possessor of dignity on the day of bringing the lowly, one who reports to the king in private, one whose seat is near (the king) on the day of assembly, to whom the king reveals his word in order to be a gateway with respect to it, a true one on the day of representation (?), one without transgression.
sawlit:Stele des Antef, Son des Tjefi (MMA 57.95)//〈Stele des Antef, Son des Tjefi (MMA 57.95)〉: [5]
IBUBdQ4MDKcWIkwJpcb138ywcK4 sentence id

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  1. ḥqꜣ-ḥw.tjw, "Verwalter des Haushaltspersonals" | "manager of estate personnel"
  2. ḫrp-jꜣw.tjw, "Leiter der Würdenträger" | "controller of officials"
  3. rʾ-ꜥꜣ, "Türöffnung" | ""

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V7-N35-W24-X1-A1-Z3: 1 times


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